NYIP offers three distance education multi-media courses for photographers looking to improve their skills while working from home at their own pace.

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New York Institute of Photography Launches New Student Benefits Program

Press Release - New York, NY – March 21, 2012

The New York Institute of Photography has launched a student benefits kit for the thousands of photographers around the world who enroll in their home-study programs each year.

NYIP, the world’s largest and oldest photography school, has a long tradition of delivering high quality photography courses to people anywhere in the world. Serving over 20,000 active students in over 70 countries, it can be difficult to provide deals and discounts to everyone. However, with the launch of this new student benefits program, students all over the world will be able to enjoy discounts from retailers and service providers that also reach a global audience.

The world famous home-study photography school is partnering with Collegiate Services, Inc., based in Chicago, IL. Collegiate Services provides one of the largest and longest running discount programs in the North America, serving over 100 schools in the US alone. Through this program, students in any of NYIP’s programs will be able to save on purchases from companies like Verizon, Adobe, Best Buy, and Nik Software.

 “We’ve always tried to do right by our students,” said Chuck DeLaney, Director of NYIP, “and when we had an opportunity to offer aspiring photographers discounts on products they need, we jumped at the chance.”

About NYIP

The New York Institute of Photography ( offers three great home-study photography courses. Founded in 1910, NYIP is the oldest and largest photography school in the world, having successfully trained thousands of photographers over more than 100 years. Located in the heart of the art capital of the world, New York City, NYIP brings high quality photography education straight to its students’ doors.

For more information about NYIP’s Student Benefits Program, visit or contact the school at 800-445-7279.


How to Create the Perfect Photography Website

As more and more business moves online, what can you do to stay up to date, or even ahead of the game? Photographers, just like professionals in any other field, are beginning to realize that a strong web presence is essential for success. And at NYIP, we recognize that.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of a new service called SiteCatapult.

SiteCatapult presented by NYIP is a service we created to help photographers improve their website and grow their business. Here’s a quick promo video we created that will explain more about it:


For only $139, you will get one of NYIP’s site evaluation experts looking at your site, telling you how you stack up against the competition, and give you simple tips for how you can improve your website and use it to grow your business.

Learn more and sign up at!


Refer a Friend to NYIP

As the world’s largest and oldest photography school, the New York Institute of Photography is the #1 school for aspiring photographers. Here at NYIP headquarters, we know that there are a lot of people to thank for that. And right at the top of that list are our students!

Our students are photographers and enthusiasts who have taken the leap and decided to get the education they needed to take the next step. They make what we do worthwhile. And they help us spread the word about the quality of the photography education that you can get with NYIP.

And now we wanted to ask you to help us do that one more time. We recently launched our Refer-a-Friend program that allows anyone to recommend our courses to people they know quickly and easily. All you have to do to get started is visit and enter the names and email addresses of anyone you know who is interested in photography.

We will send them an email, letting them know that you referred them. And as a bonus, if any of your friends enroll both of you will get a free gift, as described on our Refer-a-Friend page!  (Keep in mind that the gift is only for NYIP students, so if you are not a student you may still refer us to your friends but only they will be eligible for the gift.)

Whether you are a student or a graduate, a reader or a follower, we thank you for helping to support our mission of providing affordable and convenient photography education to everyone who needs it!


Famous Alum: W. Eugene Smith

The New York Institute of Photography is proud of our 100+ year record of training great photographers, both hobbyists who have the equipment and want to learn to take better pictures and aspiring professionals. Many of our alums have reached celebrity status, and one of them is certainly W. Eugene Smith.

We salute his creative vision. He pioneered "humanizing" photojournalism, providing amazing and unflinching images from World War II and environmental disasters, and powerful stories for News Week (later Newsweek) and Life magazines - including his still-talked-about profile of Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Smith left his first family behind and moved into a New York City loft to devote his full attention to photography. He left jobs when he wasn't able to call the creative and artistic shots or when editorial policies tried to dictate his photography subjects and slant. He marched to the beat of his own drummer and was a fearless advocate for photography's ability to communicate the soul behind the image. His work and vision continue to inspire photographers through the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund.

Photo Credits: © The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith, W. Eugene Smith/LIFE ©Time Inc., Magnum Agency


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