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Books for Photographers - 3 Coffee Table Books We're Reading Now

Any books with strong visual interest satisfy our photographers' bent here at the New York Institute of Photography. Check out the following eclectic group of titles - and let us know what you're reading that fellow photographers might enjoy.

Stunning is one word to describe the rural small-town Texas photography shot by Keith Carter in his book From Uncertain to Blue. This survey of everyday life is an impressive body of work that shows heart and humanity behind the camera. And where else will you be able to see a record of life in place like Diddy Waw Diddy?


Great project, and we found this on Etsy, of all places! The Mdantsane Way is a coffee table book documenting the street culture, food, dress, daily life, and culture of South Africa's second largest township. Photographers interested in portraiture and street photography should enjoy it.


Fashionistas and glamour photographers alike will appreciate the stunning visuals in this Rizzoli book, Jimmy Choo XV, celebrating 15 of Choo's most iconic shoes. Another visual stunner from Rizzoli.


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