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Tyson Chandler with two of his photos (John Minchillo / AP Images)

There are a number of professional athletes who love the art of photography. It's a way they can capture something fast moving and complex like their sports careers or bring back scenes from their extensive travels. Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks (top photo) not only shoots his own subjects, but he follows other photographers and checks out new work (currently, he's looking at Ari Marcopoulos and Albert Watson, two of his favorites).

montage of Tyson Chandler photography

He also likes to have his work altered by fine artists, who sometimes add color blocks and other visual layers to his original subjects.

Morning Chores (Jed Lowrie)

Jed Lowrie of the Houston Astros enjoyed taking photography classes on the side when he got his political science degree at Stanford University. Lowrie maintains his own photography website and business, called JL4 Photography, and he seems to gravitate towards nature subjects shot in natural light.

Drew Carey (a.k.a. Brooks Parkenridge), soccer and photo enthusiastFinally, although he's not a sports star, actor and comedian Drew Carey (above) is an accomplished photographer who is a minority owner of the pro soccer team the Seattle Sounders. Selling photos under the assumed name Brooks Parkenridge, Carey keeps his photography and televisions worlds separate. 

Soccer photo by Brooks Parkenridge / 


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