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Making Bridal Memories in Monaco, the Hamptons and Washington DC

Alex and Matthew truly had a dream wedding.
The Casino in Monaco provided the dream setting for their July 3, 2010 wedding.
This is one of my favorite photographs of the day.

Clay Blackmore
- Almost a year ago, I was at the third wedding celebration for my clients Matthew and Alexa. The first was in Monaco (see three photo highlights of the actual wedding above), the second was in the Hamptons, and that September weekend, they celebrated in DC. Here are some photographs from that special DC gathering.

We found ourselves in the mix early for decoration pictures, and we had the privilege of working with the renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck. You know me - I never miss a chance to make a portrait of a celebrity. I simply stood him behind a large decorated table and used flash on camera, bounced in my new Rogue light modifier. A tripod and long exposure was the key. The portrait worked out great. My buddy Calvin Hayes made a picture of me taking the photograph, and he caught Wolfgang’s expression as he viewed the images on the back of the camera. He was anxious to see the image. I must say, he was a great sport and he loved the picture!

The Rat Pack strolled by as part of the event's entertainment, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity of having a picture made with "Sammy Davis" and "Frank Sinatra." Amaryllis, the florists, created an outstanding backdrop for the party - and even the couple's florists from France joined the florists from DC for a fun evening. The client tented the Newseum at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue for the event - it was like a living room with the best view in Washington. The guests were treated to an amazing evening, the sunset was sent from Heaven above, and the party started rocking when Lady Bunny took the helm as the DJ and dance queen. Fireworks surprised us all! One of the fun attractions was seeing the couple watch our video of their wedding; plasmas were placed strategically around the tent for great viewing - and you'll see what they saw below.


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Katie Osgood Loves Engagement Shoots

When my friend Lara Kahn recently married her fiance Craig Heller, she gushed to me about her wedding photographer Katie Osgood. She and Katie planned an engagement shoot on the day that New York state allowed same-sex couples to marry. They headed to their favorite marguerita joint, where Lara's engagement ring "appeared" in one of their signature slushy beverages. Then they took to the streets with their rainbow balloons, picked up a friendly pink flamingo along the way, schmoozed with cops on the street beat, locked lips in front of cheering crowds, and wound up in a secluded rooftop for more photos and a romantic evening. Engagement photo shoots are becoming more popular with couples. The best shoots collectively tell a story and document an adventure like the one Lara and Craig experienced on a day that was filled with historic wedding enthusiasm. 


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